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New Generation Training Event

Click the image above to visit the 2015 New Generation Training Event page. You can register online and get information on the sessions and speaker.

2015 Renewal Conference

Click the image to see the promotional flyer for the 2015 Renewal Conference.

Encounter 21

21 Days of Fasting and Prayer - January 5-25, 2015 - Encounter 21 materials are available on the Encounter 21 page. click image to visit page.

Leadership Quotes
  • See the invisible, choose the imperishable, DO the impossible! All things NEW! "–Dr. Mark Williams

  • God moves us from a place of obscurity to a place of notoriety when He knows we are ready." –Bishop Mitchell E. Corder

  • Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, who can offer a solution everybody can understand!"–Rick Godwin

  • Our battle is not ultimately with structures as much as it is with the reformation of the heart. " –Ed Stetzer